@AmberNinja hey, sorry to bother you, i see you are very active in the chatroom, will you help through profit ly, how do i find Tim Gritanni webinars?

salvatoreram Jul 20, 17 3:37 PM

hey, thank you for your quick response, i meant the old ones, he send me to study lol, im here all alone, ill like to have direct contact with you if you dont mind, my email is

salvatoreram Jul 20, 17 3:38 PM

thank you, i have the links where is the old ones, thank you very much for all your help

CheesyPoofs Jul 26, 17 9:05 AM

@salvatoreram FWIW, you can find all of the older webinars in the livestream archives. Let me know if you do not know how to access those...

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