@AndyL Hey Andy how you doing man, congratulations on your $327k profits,I have been trading Forex for a year although I have good knowledge about how the Forex market works technically however, wasn't able to find a good strategy to make good profits so I quit and now I'm thinking about pennystocks. I have been watching your trades recently and trying to figure out exactly what you do and what your strategy is. I understand that you trade momentum buy the breaks on high volume but I still don't understand exactly how you do it, do you buy the stock before it breaks or wait for the breakout then start buying or do you just check the level 2 and try to predict the move, is looking for an intraday breakout even necessary and when do you exit or? I'm glad I found someone like you on I'm new to pennystocks and wish to be more knowledgeable about it so Could you explain your strategy in more details please I would REALLY appreciate it, if you would like to discuss this in private you could email me at:

AndyL Sep 02, 15 2:37 PM


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