Received 4 Karmas
AnonymousMAX Dec 12, 16 4:17 PM

Yea. News was not good enough to hold over weekend. Bad decision.

covenant127 Dec 12, 16 5:18 PM

i will probably never short overnight and always use small ass positions for long overnights. all the stories of blowing up accounts makes me cringe

Fox_Trader Dec 12, 16 6:27 PM

Im extremely picky when it's comes to holding a spot for a few days. I'm usually in and out within a day.

Stockaholic215 Dec 12, 16 6:34 PM

@SELFCONTROL how do you build your watchlist, this is my main problem right now , i look for top percentage gainers in my scan but after that i dont know what candles to look for

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