Received 2 Karmas
Palmer Sep 16, 15 9:17 PM

Agree, just think it's a little too extreme and I'm sure there are some younger people here. There are the COPA internet standards and I'm guessing that post was a viloation per COPA.

KOREANBBQ Sep 17, 15 1:01 AM

the truth hurts. seriously though nobody is watching your dumbass watch list

Arbi717 Sep 17, 15 3:01 AM

you have put a bad name on KoreanBBQ, it is very good, do not be mislead. @HebrewHammer doubt this little shit will leave if you yell at him. Ignore him, children look for attention elsewhere when they get ignored.

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to anyone who follows me, subscription expires tomorrow, I do consider myself self sufficient now, will see you guys when I make enough money to afford a membership. for now, adeiu :3

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