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Arbi717 Mar 02, 16 7:05 PM

quick question. If the volume of the day is 280 millon does that mean that 280 million shares were bout and sold, (so only 140 million traded) or does it mean 280 million shares traded. Also can you go above the float. Say people buy and sell in total more than a billion shares. Can you then technically have a volume about the shares outstanding? Also if you can have a volume above the amount of shares outstand then what is considered a volume spike, twice the float traded a day, 3, 4 times??

Vanvoorasaur Mar 02, 16 11:09 PM

This is reassuring to read. Went against a rule of mine and chased this stock and got in at .0074. I'm on the same page. Looking for a nice morning spike and am looking to get out if this gets down around .0060.

Learningtotrade Mar 03, 16 11:11 AM

Can i get your take on GSS currently? I think this can run to .55 tomorrow but im so new to this i dont know if i can trust my own opinion by itself. Got in at .49 and would like to exit at .55

Learningtotrade Mar 03, 16 11:12 AM

Also small catalyst from Zacks saying buy this stock so im hoping that sticks and we see some more buyers. Gold is good still IMO so it is safe to say .55 is a good exit target?

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