Arbi717 Mar 02, 16 9:55 PM

I have school schedual but if you plan ahead and put sell orders in where you think the price will be (you have to be really experienced to do this) you can get away with using level 2 only at home from 6:30-7:30 for those early morning trades

Fox_Trader May 11, 16 3:08 AM

Sounds like your between a rock and a hard place, but yes you can do it yahoo has a app a few of the other brokers have apps as well. I know ya cant take your pc with you, but it will be more of an asset to use level 2. Maybe look at a tablet. If I know that I will be somewhere where I cant use my charts always set up alerts

augustomarrufo Jun 18, 17 7:01 PM

Hi, what level two app did you end up using? I'm interested because I have an e-trade account, but they don't have level two quotes unless you I open a PRO account.

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