[TimAlerts] The thing about $QTM is a did tons of research its actually not a bad company its just that there previous ceo sucked and this new ceo is changing it for the better


[TimAlerts] up $1,000 right now on $QTM bought this stock at 40 cents doubled down at 50 and now I'm watching it shoot up as expected so all ya haters on penny stocks here ya go


[TimAlerts] or NERV I'm liking that stock as well (not just cus it was on time list(shake))


[TimAlerts] my cousin is stuck in $BCEI. He bought in with 60k 2 months ago low to mid $3's. I've been trying to tell him to cut his losses and move on but he won't :(


[TimAlerts] ZAIS i'm short since yesterday, no volume and holding price channel. anyone's guess, let see if bull market holds till monday

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