[TimChallenge] +$44 in my 4k account on FFIE (1.01 entry with 1k shares). Sized down my account to force better habits. Very proud of this trade because of the process I went thru. January was solid profits but after a disappointing day yesterday with -4300 doing very dumb things I needed a reset. The money is not as important as the balance of confidence is. I assure you the money lost will come so much easier by taking the right trades and profits when it is there. That $44 will be applied to my daughter's

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brandonkoy Feb 16, 11:57 PM

watched again great example

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[TimChallenge] New week, start from matter where you are on the journey. No one trade will get you any where near your goal. Run YOUR RACE at YOUR PACE and have a marathon mindset. Best setups only.

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[TimChallenge] Contrary to popular belief in this taboo world of penny stocks, I have nothing to watch or scan heading into the evening or morning. Just cleared my entire watchlist beside the overall markets and leaders. Good to do this from time to time so that you are not forcing trades or "making up" setups that are not really there. By doing this it clears my bias and thoughts and helps me start the PROCESS from the beginning.

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[TimChallenge] Done for the week squad +3k today +24k on the week. Have a great weekend. Take advantage of the time and use it effectively. Remember life has its uncontrollable moments but most successes and failures happen thru consistent choices. Choose wisely. I'm out

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