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ArtOfWar Nov 25, 20 12:39 AM

@Gabytrader yep shorting is extremely profitable quickly if you know what you are doing.

Integra Nov 28, 20 6:03 AM

Thanks for sharing

Crazey_Canuck Dec 26, 20 8:38 PM

Well Done Ellis, Learned so much from this mindset of both sides very cool. Hearing the kids in the back ground brought joy to my heart to Infinity and Beyond ( Buzz Lightyear ) LMAO Peace out brother

LibertyBelle Feb 20, 1:04 PM

Loved how real this trade was. All the distractions and mishaps make it so relatable. And your daughter with the princess story, lol! My 10 y/o daughter grew out of the princesses, but now I get to hear about Five Nights at Freddy's all day long. Haha!

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