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Giants_Slayer Dec 03, 17 3:32 PM

add another point which is: no overhead resistance near the strong close of the first green day so it can spike on the 2nd day and have room to run.

AuthenticCrow Dec 03, 17 6:13 PM

@Momo_Trader Right! thx for your input i'll add it

Giants_Slayer Dec 05, 17 5:57 AM

@AuthenticCrow u welcome buddy! ... u can check my $DPW trade from yesterday ... i bought $DPW before the close as it was strong at the end of the day and i bought it @2.80 when it breakout the HOD and the next overhead resistance was at 3.50 .. i was thinking ti hold overnight so i can sell in the gap up in the morning but it did squeeze AHs and breaks 3.50 and it went all the way up to 4.40 .. i sold @4.32

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