Received 4 Karmas
ericgtm Jan 22, 16 7:30 PM

@JLLOYD Yeah, I agree. It's part or money management. Trade like a businessman. Make $100 to $200 a day then stop trading. Do that everyday and cash out consistently. Trade with the same size, scale in scale out. Keep emotions out.

ericgtm Jan 22, 16 7:32 PM

Some days you might make a killing. When you making a home run that's my queue to stop trading and wait the next day. And cash out of course ;)

JLLOYD30 Jan 22, 16 8:21 PM

@ericgtm I agree 100% with every thing you just said. Start with 5k and with draw all earning for the month. If earnings are substantial and your confidence has grown increase to 10k for the next month. And 5k each month this continues up to 25k. 25k is the max I would put on any one trade until I grew more comfortable.

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