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Jules Nov 14, 15 9:29 AM

@kenson90 Thank you, but dont think that loss didnt hurt, cause IT DID !!! Just learned quickly that I can not predict or wish the market to do what I want it to do. Tim G in his trading style hides his profits so he doesn't make decisions based on them and only trades the charts. Im finding that helps me considerably to do the same thing.

Jules Nov 14, 15 9:30 AM

@OuroNoble If I can help let me know. I feel I may have been where you are.

OuroNoble Nov 14, 15 1:10 PM

thanks, Applied for IB will see what next week brings

GreTa Mar 12, 16 11:36 AM

It's so encouraging to come up on your page and read your blogs, I added you about a week ago, follow and watch your profits as it encourages me, and it's also nice to see chick traders on this platform.

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nelsdawgy Nov 05, 15 10:35 AM

@buffaloish Ye.. but i've been in this for a year now! It's really frustrating when you let your emotions ride you... sign. This is good though. Gets me back to basics

BUFFALOish Nov 05, 15 10:42 AM

@nelsdawgy Yea emotions, pride and stubborness are what is killing me. I'm trying paper trading and robinhood with only $100 to concentrate more on technical stuff than making big profits. Hoping it will help put me in check

stephan908 Nov 05, 15 10:54 AM

I'm sure you do this already but review your trades and go over what you think you did wrong. Fine tune your method and over time hopefully you will improve. We've all been there. Good luck.

pomonkey Nov 05, 15 4:15 PM

Nels, your trades can be a learning experience for many of us.

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