[TimChallenge] +20k on the bounce with AMC which puts me over the million finally! Very hard fought especially the last 2 weeks but thankful for everything tim! :D

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ATXTrader Jun 03, 21 12:35 PM

good points in this post. I'm gonna listen and apply to myself. thanks for spending the time to post.

Aceyducey56 Sep 17, 21 1:22 PM

Congratulations - a great achievement indeed.

Azeem Oct 31, 21 5:50 PM

thanks bro for this advice . this changed my trading game forever . thanks so so so so much!

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How much did everyone make on TLRY $TOPS $CYDY today?

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Beerock Mar 30, 20 11:44 PM

I made $6600 today on CYDY! almost $4400 on an overnight position and sold right away in the morning missing a ton of profits. Then got redemption with the panic and made another $2250 dip buying the panic!

AHaedt Apr 01, 20 4:04 PM

Been trading this since late last year. 2000 shares in at 0.31 out at 0.65. Then 200 shares at 1.02 and 0.95. Was going to add another 1000 shares on 'sell off Friday' but the news came out and I missed out. I never chase, so I let it go. Then boom! Oh well. Sold 100 at $2.97 and am holding the other 100.

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