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JSC Jul 03, 17 4:11 PM

I have never heard of Ally but those fees are terrible. Good Job on turning two profits :)

SmarTrader101 Jul 03, 17 11:54 PM

as I see you are going long position on all, i suggest robinhood as there are no comissions. I have done well using it, im sure you can too.

abusedbacon Jul 03, 17 11:58 PM

I'm with etrade at the moment and they are giving me free trades for 2 months for depositing 10k. It is a great way to start so I could learn by using small positions without being drained by commissions. Now I'm getting used to using larger size, so by the time I have to actually say commissions I should be making more than enough to cover the cost, I hope

BirdsAreWild Jul 05, 17 8:02 AM

@JSC Ally took over Tradeking. I liked Tradeking but am not fond of Ally. It just seems to be an added layer.

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