Received 11 Karmas
BloodHalv Oct 29, 17 1:25 PM

@free92last Of course no two patterns are the same. It's about the similarities. Being able to recognise that this is following X pattern so will likely have Y result but it may result in A instead.

BloodHalv Oct 29, 17 1:27 PM

@dux I will be addressing memory fade in my next blog post. Spoiler alert: spaced repetition learning combined with consistency.

BloodHalv Oct 29, 17 1:30 PM

@Lx888 I agree that the market changes every day hence why continuing to add to the 'database' is important. Case in point is Pump and Dumps which I believe (someone please correct me) that they are not as hot as they used to be.However, they may come back. Sykes says to study the past. I'm not subscribed to Penny Stocking Silver yet but plan to circa November/December time. I'm not trading with 'real' money yet (I do have an account with some stocks from a few years ago but that is not day trad

BloodHalv Oct 29, 17 1:32 PM

@Lx888 Sorry, didn't realise there was a character limit. That account is not day trading. I'm currently having chemotherapy so not in a great place to be actively trading. However, I have a large amount of patience and aim to be trading around March April 2018.

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