Received 28 Karmas
KaranKhanna Sep 23, 11:15 AM

@Lyoness , heavy volume on daily, once i determine which daily candle has heavy volume then i look at intraday for consolidation/sideways grind and if the range is too wide, i use the consolidation low as my risk and if range is tight i use consolidation high as my risk. If i cant find any consolidation then i risk the high of the daily candle and would take entry closer to the high. If stock doesnt reach the any of the levels i planned for i will create a plan after 10am looking at the intrad

twarmbruster Sep 28, 4:09 PM

Hey thats an awesome explanation. Very implementable tips. Love the 5min candle tip

parrys_corner Nov 04, 1:06 PM

Hi Karan, please would you be able to share how you track your statistics. like what do you track exactly to narrow down to pattern from the data. I have been tracking a while, but I am not sure if I am missing something on the volume side. Like do you track hourly percentages for volatile stocks ? Thanks for any info you are happy to share.

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