Someone tried to log into my account 79 times, someone is trying to hack

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lahleelabs Feb 05, 17 10:30 AM

i thought someone is trying to hack my account

Ebogey Feb 05, 17 2:32 PM

I only had 30 attempts. Lol glad it's just a bug

M3Madness Feb 05, 17 6:31 PM

I had the same yesterday

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@dux If your coming to Oahu and you like Thai food, go check out my buddy Opal Thai he is in Haleiwa (North Shore) it's kind of a hole in the wall but he was on the Food Network I recommend the Deep Fried Tofu (I'm Vegetarian) he also makes it w/ chicken. Don't plan on swimming in the North Shore area as it is extremely dangerous this time of year, swim on the Waikiki part of the island. Hope you have a great time you deserve some R & R! Aloha!

dux Feb 03, 17 1:12 PM

lol thank you very much i appreciated, will go check it out if i am close

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