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TradeSmall Mar 25, 6:28 PM

Try tracking all 83 of your trades on an excel sheet. Categorize them into different buying strategies. (dip buy, breakout.. etc.) then do the same for all stocks you find on your scanner.

TradeSmall Mar 25, 8:53 PM

Not long. Started the Pennystocking with Tim Sykes in 2016/2017. Didn't trade for a few years, just got back in the game end of Feb this year.

ragincajun83 Mar 25, 9:32 PM

just always remembering rule #1, even if it costs you a day trade, doesn't matter, just cut losses. that's the first thing you HAVE to get down. Being able to just CUT IT! With that, comes the patience piece. It's always fun to think about chasing a home run, but there are slower, smarter ways to grow. I all you made is $100.00 for the week it's better than ANY negative. hope this helps.

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