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CKP111 Nov 02, 10:34 PM

So you just started trading in August? Good job Vlad.

tradewithvlad Nov 03, 4:38 PM

started the end of July before i was paper trading a lot. Had a couple of blow ups as well before i knew what i was doing.

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timothysykes Oct 23, 5:59 AM

Excpe the PDT is actually good, read as someone who talks to more traders than anyone else in the world, especially more newbies, I know EXACTLY how useful this rule is...and I used to hate it too

786sniper Oct 23, 6:06 AM

what is the difference in a margin and non-margin account? any benefits?

CKP111 Oct 23, 9:57 PM

@786sniper PDT rule does not apply to you if you're using a non-margin or cash account. You can trade as much as you want as long as you have settled cash available to trade. However you cannot short or borrow stocks to sell on a non margin account.

tradewithvlad Oct 23, 10:02 PM

@timothysykes I only hate when I see an ideal setup but I'm out of day trade. I think it is helpful too.

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haafamillion Oct 11, 4:12 PM

dude you're talking to yourself in the comments section. it's kinda sad

CKP111 Oct 12, 10:11 AM

Watch Tim Sykes and Roland Wolf trading strategies on Youtube. It's helpful for beginners in finding patterns that will work for you. I'm also new and learning how to trade OTC breakouts; when to enter and exit. It's great for newbies with smaller accounts since they start cheap however it is risky.

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$78 profit SPNV Long Stock

Entry comments: I'm buying this recent runner that is closing near a multi-day breakout, this stock can move fast on a morning spike so my goal is to buy now and sell into a gap up/morning spike, goal is the low .50s, will be interesting to see how it acts at multi-day highs at .49, it could fail hence my buying not right at the highs but on a little dip off the highs just in case it cant breakout

Exit comments: No gap up news or spike so I'm out roughly breakevem low risk play, worth a shot

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CKP111 Oct 08, 10:56 PM

Goodluck Tim. I'm excited to see how it will play out for you tomorrow. You're already up by almost 2 cents.

Hong1689 Oct 09, 11:57 AM

Good job Tim. Good decision!!!!

Bobbemornee Oct 09, 9:54 PM

I lost few dollars on this stock! Cut losses quickly!

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