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All my trades have commision - or +
Total from 5/1/13 to 5/31/13 is

Entry Comments: Entered as a hedge to my puts. This was an extremely risky hedge because these things move so fast it's crazy. I was down around $500 at one point. | Exit Comments: Exited just barely past breakeven when these calls ran up about .80 in 10 minutes from $98.3-$99.1. I used this bounce to jump out.

Posted: May 30, 13 9:59 AM

Entry Comments: Bought for a hedge to my puts. Was eventually up around +$925 on them, but I didn't sell because I wanted to get out of the straddle at a profit. | Exit Comments: If I had sold when I was at the $925 profit, would have been able to sell the puts right now for an overall $300 profit on the straddle. Awful execution on this trade. Bought 10 Jul13 100 Calls to hedge my still holding puts.

Posted: May 29, 13 9:54 AM/

Entry Comments: Entered in third period Monday again because I was bored. Originally intended to be a day trade. | Exit Comments: Exited today only $.04 off the day high of these options. Okay trade, but great execution. May rebuy.

Posted: May 21, 13 6:50 PM/

Entry Comments: Noticed SCTY was up and I have watched this stock run for just too long without taking any of the profits, so I decided to buy calls. | Exit Comments: Originally intended to be a day trade, and I originally had a price target of $6. I bought these calls after I sold $EFC in class, and sold approximately 28 minutes with my price target met. My trade execution went perfectly according to plan.

Posted: May 17, 13 6:24 PM/

Entry Comments: Originally bought for a value play/long term investment. | Exit Comments: Was looking to hold for a long time, but $EFC just wasn't moving. $EFC also held back my gains from $ESI because it was taking up capital so I couldn't buy as many contracts in $ESI. I had to sell due to no movement.

Posted: May 17, 13 6:18 PM/

Entry Comments: Entered due to speculation of a turn around. Would have bought as many as 10 if I had more free capital. | Exit Comments: Exited when $ESI was barely up this morning because I was looking for a quick gain and I didn't have patience. These babies hit a day high of $4.19, which would have been a 85.3% gain on these if I had held. Awful execution on this trade.

Posted: May 17, 13 6:14 PM/

Entry Comments: Bought for a value play and a long term investment. The reason being for this value play was because the CEO of the company, Elon Musk, has lead $TSLA to great success so I knew that he would do the same with SCTY. I set a 10% trailing stop when I bought this one. | Exit Comments: SCTY tanked due to a downgrade from Needham from a "Buy-->Hold" and price target of "$17-->$18." From a high of $28.03, SCTY ran my stop at $25.35. Unfortunately, SCTY ran back up. +24.14% +$475.04

Posted: May 02, 13 7:56 PM/

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