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All my trades have commision - or +
Total from 6/1/13 to 6/23/13 is

Entry Comments: Originally bought for a hedge to my puts which I ended up selling for a small profit. | Exit Comments: Expired worthless. Held too long.

Posted: Jun 21, 13 5:35 PM/

Entry Comments: Entered originally for a dead cat bounce. | Exit Comments: Showed no strength and position was tying up cash. Had to exit. May rebuy if $1.20 breaks.

Posted: Jun 13, 13 3:29 PM

Entry Comments: Entered around a a while ago expecting a crash sometime in the future. Had to hold a while. | Exit Comments: Made a lot of money off of hedges to these options. I kept entering and exiting calls and being profitable on them while I was waiting for these ones to become profitable. This morning, $IWM opened up, but then took a fall and I sold these ones .04 off the day high on them. I nailed the exit today. Might buy more puts.

Posted: Jun 06, 13 8:06 PM/

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