@ConnorAlerts So, since May 2014 you have made around 35k which is basically 10% return in 10 months, what has changed recently?

ConnorAlerts Mar 01, 15 6:31 PM

@CarlTinca i actually LOST 50k from the area u mentioned still was tweaking things... June 2014 was 263k so 8 months 76k in profits on a 30-40k account. Now my account is just 30k going forward.

ConnorAlerts Mar 01, 15 6:33 PM

@CarlTinca I WISH I can trade a 300k account, but only trade with less then 10% of total trading profits.

Konradwrx25 Mar 01, 15 6:50 PM

Where can I see the dvd and alerts ??

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