ProfitTurtle Jan 28, 17 5:31 PM

Bro, robinhood has better execution than fidelity. You need a new broker. I've heard the good one's are; Etrade, Interactive brokers, speedtrader, and ThinkOrSwim.

Deshackled Jan 29, 17 1:36 PM

I have a Fidelity (which is a retirement account) and ThinkorSwim (set up for paper trading, but I swith to "live" mode when making a trade) I use TOS Live to watch what the ticker is doing and Fidelity to place orders. It is sort of a Poor Mans Way (but that is what I am). The plan is to eventually peel off gains from the retirement account and fund an account with TOS. Fidelity does have a platform called Active Trader Pro but I don't have enough trades to qualify for it and I like TOS a lot s

Deshackled Jan 29, 17 1:37 PM

got cut off.... TOS is prolly where I will end up.

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redwolf90 Jan 24, 17 9:40 PM

Thanks everyone for your input. I however have no kids, no wife, still in my 20's and relatively low rent. I hated that job and I don't see any point in wasting time doing anything else but what I want and that is to day trade. I have alot of work to do but I know what I'm capable of and I know I can do this.

redwolf90 Jan 24, 17 9:42 PM

Even if I fail BFD! At least I can look back on this and say I gave an honest shot at my dreams.

vikingprofits Jan 24, 17 9:49 PM

I'm never one to take the wind out of a guy's sails but bro, every loss is significantly larger than your wins. I want to do the same as you but I know I'm no where near that yet. Good luck though..

markdawg123 Jan 24, 17 11:16 PM

Yepp jst do it like NIKE man whatever u put your mind to u can do have to be ur passion!

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