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Fox_Trader Feb 05, 17 12:47 AM

Have told you before to buy" How To Make Millions DVDs," if you buy it you will avoid alot of problems, plus you will educate yourself a great deal. If your trading without a strategy/structure, time will unfortunately get you.

EZTrades Feb 05, 17 3:43 PM

To bypass this I opened another broke account through my dad so I can get 6 trades versus 3. You are just hitting the PDT rule which doesn't allow you to place more than 3 trades within 5 business days if your account holds less than $25k.

Fox_Trader Feb 05, 17 7:09 PM

The Best advice for Cezzar, is to get a good base knowledge of the Market by Studying , papertrading, starting small .. And following the Rules! A vast majority of people trade right outta the box fail extremely fast. The Market is Unforgiving and will give no Mercy. I honestly have lost count of traders that try to Real trade first they always blow up the account.... By your questions from a trader to another Please be patient and learn more your not ready yet give it some time.

Fox_Trader Feb 05, 17 7:11 PM

I paper traded for nearly two years prior to Real trading.

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