@Chopper_Trader Hey, I tried to change password with IB but it still wont let me import lol. I don't know how it still works with you. I get a message on profitly saying "IB is no longer supported" very frustrating.

tommyvercetti55 May 14, 19 7:37 PM

Yes it's 8 letters. thats the minimum allowable amount.

tommyvercetti55 May 14, 19 7:40 PM

After I do the 2 steps verification and authenticate profitly tries to import but then it says "error occurred while downloading"

Chopper_Trader Jun 10, 19 7:13 PM

You can't use the 2 step verification method.

tommyvercetti55 Jul 11, 19 10:48 PM

Hi, how I'm I supposed to verify without the 2 steps verification? it wont let me

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