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Jonk87 Dec 10, 16 8:11 PM

I'm not a profitable trader I had my first break even month last month after 5 months of losing and I think you need to stop scalping all together. You will be getting destroyed by commissions and it's just not good ROI. Limit yourself to two trades per day MAX. Sometimes there may be no great play for an entire week! If you do this you'll at least break the downtrend you're currently in.

petwyt1218 Dec 10, 16 11:48 PM

Is it possible that the only reason you're scalping is because your scared of losing? I did that when I just started trading. The second and stock did what I wanted, I got out of the trade to lock in profits. And the second a stock dipped I sold out of fear.

petwyt1218 Dec 10, 16 11:50 PM

I lost a lost of money like that. To combat that I now trade with a 500 dollar position size on robinhood. That's right, position size not risk amount. I'm trading with this little to help curb my fear. I'll be OK when I'm down 30 bucks but not when I was 300. Maybe something you could try instead of paper trading which takes out all the emotion?

ClaireSky Dec 11, 16 8:37 PM

Thank you all for all your comments. Much appreciated!

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