CreamTv Sep 27, 16 3:04 PM

You know that you can call your broker and get a one time account reset if you get that 3 month slap on your account ... Keep that in mind

nirvanaghk Sep 27, 16 9:56 PM

@HoneyBadgerTrading hanks for the great advice HoneyBadger, I had no idea, I'll keep it in mind, but once again I'll be more careful in the future

Rollingball Sep 28, 16 4:54 PM

I did it again today. I had my selling RGSE at 7.01. Would have made about $140.00. Than when the price dropped so fast at market open, I changed my sell point to 5.93 and made $36.00 instead. Oh well, maybe this will help me be more patient next time.

nirvanaghk Sep 28, 16 7:48 PM

@Rollingball Hang in there, we are both learning, I dropped $140.00 in AVXL, Very choppy market

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