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Windwalzer Mar 15, 20 3:16 PM

This is a sad state of affairs, in my opinion. I don't believe they count all the people who have given up on job hunting in the unemployed. What's going to happen to all those Veterans who have fought for our freedom with a debt like the U.S.A. has now? What will happen to all the homeless when they can't beg, or get sick? What about all those families who thought they had themselves in a good place financially? As each business has to close, in my opinion, in any country the amount of people u

Windwalzer Mar 15, 20 3:20 PM

unemployed increase exponentially, no products, no money changing hands, no taxes collect. It's a sad time for the entire world and all people no matter what their age is. This is my opinion. I like your thoughts about the "Overall Market March 2020" Thank you for putting that out there. Well done.

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