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D22 Sep 18, 20 7:26 PM

@millerruth23 thanks! Glad you liked it. Psych is def a bigger part than I realized coming into this. Just looking to share my experiences for others to look back on and know it’s part of the process or that others go through it as well. All the best

D22 Sep 18, 20 7:27 PM

@EMTrader no problem. Glad some of it resonated. I’m def not a pro but I always wanted stuff like this from experienced traders to know the process/struggles/psych is normal. Most don’t make the vids til they “make it” but I’m glad you took something from it. Still lots to learn for me

D22 Sep 18, 20 7:29 PM

@Windwalzer I haven’t had any experience with pdt, but I hear it’s tough. All we can do is look at our trades while we’re in them, try and understand the feelings we’re having. Certain chart patterns aren’t as prévenant right now which is also tough. But thanks for watching, we will get better over time

Windwalzer Sep 19, 20 5:25 PM

Thank you it's good to have someone to sound off of and keep going.

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