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D22 Jan 02, 20 9:52 PM

"size is overrated" ~ @huddie ive come to understand this. if youre in the right trades the volatility will offer enough upside without crazy size. and especially in the beginning when youre tinkering and learning crazy size isn't necessary imo. keep up the good work and studying everyone!!

D22 Jan 02, 20 10:01 PM

And THANK YOU all for the engagement and positive comments on my videos. very much appreciated

Windwalzer Jan 03, 20 12:46 AM

Thank you, look forward to more from you.

DoesItFloat Jan 06, 20 6:48 PM

hey man great vid. is that IB you're using? cool you can adjust your order entry without having to cancel it and put in a new order. don't think I can do that on my workstation...

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