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D22 Apr 09, 20 9:48 PM

Thanks for the vid Kyle, congrats on your record month. Nice Job! ***Important Question - was this before or after your self-haircut? lol. Have a good one man

kylecw2 Apr 11, 20 4:50 PM

@D22 hahahah after the haircut I did have myself a pretty good week lol. Thank man!

Windwalzer May 03, 20 8:10 PM

Kyle, thank you for sharing your month and giving me/us the way you are thinking during your trade and understanding how emotions can get in the way and we need to work with it. I seem to have less time, I'm working more at home and still doing some work out. Social distancing, and keep all safe and healthy. Please stay safe and healthy also. Funny about your haircut.

Crazey_Canuck Feb 23, 7:07 AM

Thank You Kyle learning a ton here Peace Out

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