DCF373 Jul 07, 16 11:17 PM

QUICK TIP:On your watch list there is a chain link, click and select 1red, and then you would just click on ticker and it will automatically show it on chart, its just for quicker views instead of right click ticker and sending it to 1 red. FYI nice video

JMDev Jul 08, 16 12:04 AM

Thanks, I'm not the most versed in the software, I'll admit. That is much faster. Also, I'm glad you liked the video.

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[TimAlerts] CNXR has 8 consecutive green days on low volume. potential short any day now


Watch list for 6/14 plus ARGS MRTX AAOI

Received 6 Karmas
DCF373 Jun 13, 16 10:01 PM

I like your list, so you mostly focus on trend reversal plays?

SINGH_TRADES Jun 14, 16 1:35 AM

Yes I would love to know how you come up with your watch list. The thought process behind it. Thanks

Jamiehoss Jun 15, 16 7:19 AM

if you guys would read her blog it answers alot of your questions

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