@RolandWolf Huuuuuuge Congrats to You on your trading success!!! AWESOME AWESOME Skills Right There! Glad that you have achieved Financial Freedom! :D

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RolandWolf Jun 19, 17 7:42 PM

Thank you! Not quite financially free yet, but hopefully on my way!

Nap63 Jun 20, 17 6:37 PM

Hey Roland just wondering your thoughts on using stop losses, if you do or dont just your thoughts on it thanks. Thanks for all your imput it really helps keep me motivated to see you succeed.

RolandWolf Jun 21, 17 2:54 AM

@Nap63 Hey there, I never use them, but I do respect my mental stops. If you have issues not sticking to a mental stop, then I don't see a problem w/ setting an actual stop. Better to be stopped out, then not respect risk, hold and hope! Then work back into a mental! Thanks!

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