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JMDev May 20, 17 11:53 AM

Bag holders can't hold them down as easy if there are fewer bag holders. Resistance levels are weakers support levels are weaker than other stocks.

Davy_Garcia May 20, 17 4:10 PM

I’m a Kindergartener here, I love the feed back … In a nut shell, this how I ‘m putting it together. A low float and high volume excite the price of the stock, leading to a transformation. Movement, excitement, winners, and losers. My next step is to set parameters that I can look for.

Davy_Garcia May 20, 17 4:14 PM

Example: I scam most active , Price 2 to 11, volume over 1 Million . But i still don't underatnd where I want to be on float

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