[TimChallenge] Alright - head cleared - tough day for me and actually realizing these hype days often are - I trade best in my lane, and so far in my journey my lane is not the shiny object trades. So much to learn still - glad to be part of a community dedicated to process > profits

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[TimChallenge] alright friends - that is a week for me - $607 today for me - not a bad way to end the week. If you are seeing people put up big numbers and feeling fomo, remember that singles add up - my average win over my career is $144 - YTD still only $181, and my biggest win ever is only $3k. Small gains add up and can be life changing!

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[TimChallenge] Big losses are hard no matter what your account size - but if you learn from them, and actually let them reinforce good trading and good rules, there is a small upside to the loss itself - when you lose a larger amount of money but know it is fully in your power to not do it again it actually can be a confidence boost in the long run. Helps you follow rules, and if you learn, helps build resilience against smaller losses so you can trade your plan

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[TimChallenge] alright I am done - $2.7k today which just about doubles my month to this point.

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[TimChallenge] After 11 years of payments I finally paid off my private student loans this morning. Had $16k left at the start of 2021 and paid it all off with trading profits!

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[TimChallenge] Helpful Mindset tip: If you make a winning trade and view it as "I made up for....." then you are not trading with a clear head - learn from your losses, don't make up for them - take it one trade at a time. "I want to make up for... or I want to get back to green on the day" leads to over trading and bad trades. Come to terms with your losses and then move forward.

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[TimChallenge] ok flat on everything - puts me at 1311 on the day and 30016 on the month. Unless we get something too good to pass up this afternoon I think I will end my 2020 on that note. What a month!

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[TimChallenge] Man chasing these little karma hearts trying to click them is a large part of how I spend my time in chat

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[TimChallenge] crossed $50k in profits today (51k of which has been since June 1st) - Not the biggest milestone and still taking it one trade at a time, but definitely grateful for consistent profitability after my first year in the challenge (joined 12/2/19). Up $12k on the month $8500 of that coming from this week. (which was my previous best month). Anyway, thanks Tim and everyone, I have learned a ton this year, glad to be a lifetime member now.

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kFox49 Oct 10, 2:09 PM

Slowly making my way back to OTCs. This was very helpful. Thank you Jack

StockDiver Oct 26, 8:53 PM

I came back to review this session once again Jack. I Needed to review this session again as the Chat Room fomo had side tracked my trading. This will be a staple in my video library. Thx

FaulkSmash Nov 30, 10:06 AM

Watching Nov 30th, 2021. Interesting to see the stat changes in your Profitly account & getting more perspective into early (earlier...) Jack's mindset.

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