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MetalHat Mar 02, 17 3:45 PM

Taking advantage of your time is great. But be careful of overdoing it. The line is thin between good use of time and burning out. I've read a bit on human learning and while everyone is different, your brain needs time to absorb ideas/concepts. If too many ideas are forced in there at once, it can't make the connections before the new one flush them out (paraphrased obviously). Keep up the dedication Dee, hard work and a good attitude will get us all far!

DeeSniper Mar 02, 17 5:23 PM

@chrisheppner DVD'S: "How to Make Millions" Tim Sykes. I should finish it up this weekend, God willing. I hope to get all his DVD's eventually.

DeeSniper Mar 02, 17 5:30 PM

@MetalHat Thank you! Yes usually by Friday I feel chewed up and spit out so I tend to keep it light that day. I have been very strict on myself about getting enough sleep. I think that helps. I used to train horses and dogs for a living and rest was very important to how well they learned. Whenever I feel my brain is rejecting info, I take a break from learning.

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