Received 2 Karmas
cmasson Jan 14, 17 9:18 AM

I didn't know shit from Shinola on day #1 hahaha i'm going to start using that

aidan222sharpe Jan 20, 17 12:09 PM

For me, I learned a lot by watching a maybe an hour of video lessons or a dvd, then taking a break and really take everything you watched in. If I study to much I never retain much of the information. Maybe thats just my bad memory tho lol . Whats helped me most was after watching how to make millions DVD I've been watching every single video lesson from each category and writing about a page of notes on each one. I used to just watch all the videos but when I went back and actually started writ

aidan222sharpe Jan 20, 17 12:12 PM

writing notes on each one, everything is making so much sense now. I watched the same videos as before I started writing notes on them and I realized I missed so much of the little tidbits that Tim says. His Video lessons have been the most helpful for me so far

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