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DetectivePopcorn Jun 07, 17 5:39 PM

For shorts it's better than TD. I'm using E Trade exclusively now. I've heard that IB is better if you want to short OTC stocks or ones below $1, though.

xbows Jun 13, 17 10:04 AM

@DetectivePopcorn I opened an etrade margin account and am still striking out finding shares to short. This morning I was unable to short MOSY and CLNT. Very frustrating. If I call them intraday might they be able to get me some?

DetectivePopcorn Jun 26, 17 8:53 PM

@xbows Wouldn't hurt to try, but sometimes it's just luck on whether or not they have shares to short.

xbows Jun 27, 17 9:00 AM

I tried an etrade account but literally none of the shorts I wanted were available, so now trying a venom account.

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