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MoneyJuice Oct 26, 15 5:33 PM

You mean exit all trades before 4:30pm not 3:30pm?

babynoah Oct 27, 15 5:01 PM

Not sure. Only SureTrader I think. No if you account drops below $500 they can sell you out intraday. Yeah, least go in with $1000.

babynoah Oct 29, 15 9:40 AM

I was, not anymore. Maybe later.

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[TimAlerts] anyone else on the $XNPT short train? Thought the decline should be a little faster. considering covering with 12 cents profit. PM me


[TimAlerts] been looking at HEAR . just note that they have big spikes but cannot sustain gains. Almost always do they fail 2 and 5 days later.

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aewton Oct 15, 15 3:54 PM

Where could I download your handy spreadsheet?

Dipnbuy Oct 15, 15 4:56 PM

email me

tiagolopez6 Oct 15, 15 9:01 PM

This Spreadsheet is incredible, congrats for the tool is very practical and gives the information you need to track stocks and find an edge.

Silver_Snake Oct 15, 15 10:56 PM

Does your spreadsheet work on Google Docs or just MS Excel?

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