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ATXTrader Mar 11, 12:31 AM

from what you said, you "triple dipped". I don't even like to double dip (buy a stock right after i sell into profit. but that's relative to if you think it can go higher and it proves that by hitting higher. on a stock that is halting and on your third dip, your size should have been way smaller (1/4 to 1/2) normal position size especially since it is halty. that's my take.

DrNate Mar 11, 8:23 AM

yes, should have made each new position smaller instead of larger. thanks for your comments.

Guisseppina86 Mar 28, 1:28 PM

Dont beat yourself up too much! I made a lot of my 36k on nasdaq! So Im wondering if I will be as good at OTCs!

Guisseppina86 Mar 28, 1:28 PM

I done this too made and then bought in again - worst thing to do the higher it gets! Chasing x

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