@Dragonrider Hey, I see that you are a short seller, and I'd like that option as well, but I don't have a margin account. My account is big enough, but I have poor (improving, slowly, but still...) credit. And Im assuming that a credit check is standard practice for opening a margin account?

Dragonrider May 08, 17 4:16 PM

I use etrade. They did not do a credit check on me that I am aware of. You just need the $2k. Be sure to do lots of paper trading or short small amounts of shares (like 100 shares). You will not make any money doing that small amount but if you are new to trading you MUST LEARN and get EXPERIENCE before you put real money on the line. Write everything down from your trades and note the catalyst (how strong?), note support/resistance, note is the stock swining to the upside or are you waitin

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