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bmp003 Aug 11, 16 5:46 PM

How do you usually do your research on some stocks? Is there a particular website you look at? Or do you just google top earnings, low floats, high floats, etc.?

ERtrader12 Aug 12, 16 3:16 AM is very useful for pulling up stats quickly. It basically links it to yahoo finance but still some other useful stuff in there. Also, I use IB so they have custom scanners you can use to pull up tickers that meet my criteria. is useful if your broker doesn't offer a screener

ERtrader12 Aug 12, 16 3:18 AM

@Doncematic has definitely been working for me lately. Also I never hold big size over night. Nothing over $1k.. I feel like the risk of it gapping against me is too great to hold any kind of size for a swing trade

bmp003 Aug 15, 16 12:11 PM

Awesome! I really appreciate your tips! I have been looking at those websites you have mentioned already and they have been very helpful! And I agree with you as well, I never hold a big size overnight. Thanks again!!

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