@Ebogey what are your best / favourite pattern plays?

Ebogey Jan 01, 18 10:16 AM

My favorite pattern is an active stock up big on some kind of catalyst that spikes, settles down to VWAP and holds all day for a potential buy late day with the goal it gets back to HOD. I may even swing o/n for a morning gap. If it's up a/h sometimes I will take profits. Hope that helps

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axlk Aug 10, 18 2:00 PM

Thanks Roland

RouxBourbon Aug 11, 18 12:49 AM

Thank you. I know the drawing is over, but if i could guess, id say an SUV. Like an Escalade, Tahoe, or a Denali. Would you mind replying and saying what it was?

PocketPAT May 11, 1:23 AM

Thanks Roland!!! LESSON: Even though after-hours and premarket trading is sketchy due to illiquidity, it can sometimes present ideal opportunities for good profits.

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[TimChallenge] Covered my o/n short on $URRE adding $400 to my account making this the best week yet @1,800

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[TimChallenge] I had $ETRM at 2.65 made 30 cents. It is what it is. That one I don't feel bad because I was on the right track. As Tim says Trading is very emotional, that's the part to get control of.


[TimChallenge] Gotta learn how to not let others influence my own knowledge. was going to take $BIOC long o/n at 1.68 but then saw that DUX went short and I figured maybe I'm wrong. This happens often. Maybe I try staying out of chat. IDK

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