@Ebogey what are your best / favourite pattern plays?

Ebogey Jan 01, 18 10:16 AM

My favorite pattern is an active stock up big on some kind of catalyst that spikes, settles down to VWAP and holds all day for a potential buy late day with the goal it gets back to HOD. I may even swing o/n for a morning gap. If it's up a/h sometimes I will take profits. Hope that helps

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axlk Aug 10, 18 2:00 PM

Thanks Roland

RouxBourbon Aug 11, 18 12:49 AM

Thank you. I know the drawing is over, but if i could guess, id say an SUV. Like an Escalade, Tahoe, or a Denali. Would you mind replying and saying what it was?

PocketPAT May 11, 1:23 AM

Thanks Roland!!! LESSON: Even though after-hours and premarket trading is sketchy due to illiquidity, it can sometimes present ideal opportunities for good profits.

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[TimChallenge] Covered my o/n short on $URRE adding $400 to my account making this the best week yet @1,800

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[TimChallenge] I had $ETRM at 2.65 made 30 cents. It is what it is. That one I don't feel bad because I was on the right track. As Tim says Trading is very emotional, that's the part to get control of.


[TimChallenge] Gotta learn how to not let others influence my own knowledge. was going to take $BIOC long o/n at 1.68 but then saw that DUX went short and I figured maybe I'm wrong. This happens often. Maybe I try staying out of chat. IDK

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Ebogey Dec 24, 16 12:50 PM

@timothysykes This is the beginning of great things. stepping it up BIG in 2017. Thanks to YOU. Glad to still be in the game and enjoying working with you and Tim Bohen. STT pro is so cool!

_Apache_ Dec 30, 16 1:32 PM

Great work! I can totally relate to talking yourself out of trades and it is something to work on in 2017. Best Wishes and luck in the New year!

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[TimChallenge] CARA looking triply topish, hope it breaks out. No play for me.


[TimChallenge] I'm a little pissed that I got out of $URRE with a small loss before the spike, But I am Happy that I stuck to my plan. will save me in the future.


[TimChallenge] Shoulda coulda woulda stuck to my plan Friday to buy $GSAT on break of 1.20 looking for 1.60

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alan316 Dec 07, 16 6:10 PM

well hate to see anyone quit, but if you need to get your head right, and restudy then you have to do what makes you ok with trading again. I also have lost only had a 1500.00 account brokers got alot, but my dumb mistakes caused that. so get you self right and hope you get back soon. God bless and be well! hope it all works out for ya.

Ebogey Dec 07, 16 6:48 PM

Sorry to hear of your troubles, If you really love trading study and paper trade until you get some money into your account. Then start small like 1k. I actually think that the PTD rule is there to protect us from over trading and losing our money. I've been a student for 2 yrs, just renewed my 3rd year and I was saying to myself today that I'm glad I'm under the PTD because I would be tempted to overtrade. Overtrading and going too big are recipes for disaster. Stick to it and take it slow. Bes

Trade4treats Dec 07, 16 9:55 PM

Thanks for sharing. I wish you a successful comeback!

Fox_Trader Dec 08, 16 5:56 AM

Take some study time_much needed time off !!! Then come back when you have a clear mind. It does work. And we all do lose at times, it's just a matter of realizing what was done wrong then learning from it. I have taken a few times two weeks off

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[TimChallenge] It's tempting but I'm not giving back my profits NVCN staying disciplined!!

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