[TimChallenge] I had $ETRM at 2.65 made 30 cents. It is what it is. That one I don't feel bad because I was on the right track. As Tim says Trading is very emotional, that's the part to get control of.


[TimChallenge] Gotta learn how to not let others influence my own knowledge. was going to take $BIOC long o/n at 1.68 but then saw that DUX went short and I figured maybe I'm wrong. This happens often. Maybe I try staying out of chat. IDK

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Ebogey Dec 24, 16 12:50 PM

@timothysykes This is the beginning of great things. stepping it up BIG in 2017. Thanks to YOU. Glad to still be in the game and enjoying working with you and Tim Bohen. STT pro is so cool!

_Apache_ Dec 30, 16 1:32 PM

Great work! I can totally relate to talking yourself out of trades and it is something to work on in 2017. Best Wishes and luck in the New year!

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[TimChallenge] CARA looking triply topish, hope it breaks out. No play for me.


[TimChallenge] I'm a little pissed that I got out of $URRE with a small loss before the spike, But I am Happy that I stuck to my plan. will save me in the future.


[TimChallenge] Shoulda coulda woulda stuck to my plan Friday to buy $GSAT on break of 1.20 looking for 1.60

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