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ZiggysMom Jul 16, 18 9:24 AM

Noting Call options are the right to buy a stock for a certain price during a period of time. Put options are the right to sell. Buying options your risk is limited. You can only lose up to the amount you put in. But there is unlimited risk when selling. Options always end on Fridays. There is an options exchange. Strike price is the price you can buy/sell. Be careful of biotech and buyouts as they can cause huge losses on short positions.

ZachR Jul 20, 18 10:12 AM

Thanks Mr.Goode

SecretCitrus Jul 14, 20 1:58 PM

Very informative, Thanks Michael.

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Flockstock Jun 26, 18 9:46 PM

Resign from what? .. you need to rejuvenate, relax, regroup, re-evaluate and refine a different process.. maybe adapting differently and answering messages .. twitter fights and sleepless night won't cut it for long. Listen to mentors, don't be stubborn, or we take away tinder...rope isn't working...avoid twitter fights too

Clovis Jun 28, 18 2:09 PM

Great information, now you are looking more at price action and volume. Is that right? Thank you;)

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RCTrader May 29, 18 11:08 PM

Steve, like you I am a Brit, work and like to have a drink or two. Actually your podcasts sometimes sounds like the old fella at my local pub lol. At work, you need to be disciplined, when you go for a piss up, you let go, I find when I trade, when I see it as work I am usually more disciplined, when I get excited to get back into the market I seem to have less discipline and hence worst results. Heads up matey, you will get it, actually you have already get it but just have a few undisciplined

dmatin May 30, 18 10:56 AM


JeepTrader May 30, 18 5:13 PM

We support you Jevon!! I'm going to call you delusional just because it appears to motivate you. That CRACKED me up! Good to know you are learning from your mistakes. YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL!! Put May behind you and kill it in June.

Clovis May 31, 18 11:23 AM

Great lesson, keep it up and don't give up!

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