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bobbythek Jan 28, 18 9:46 AM

Thanks for sharing, loved the live action. Great that u have your own team! Here's to success!

William_Straya Jan 30, 18 9:22 AM

Those last 3mins discussing volume and bottoming action was very helpful,adding another piece to my puzzle.

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Torkers Dec 22, 17 7:02 PM

@ThePennySqueeze yeah unfortunatly - I keep getting into this really bad trades that I dont cut fast enough and they end up being disasters.. I really have to stop that before I go broke - Do you have any tips regarding this ? =)

ThePennySqueeze Dec 22, 17 9:30 PM

@Torkers Well, the only recommendation I have is to take a step back and ask yourself how many hours you spent actually studying. 1000 hrs? 2000? +3000? If it's a large number (which it hopefully is) you have to really KNOW that all those hours are completely wasted if you can't simply cut losses. Hopefully that helps, it's what I keep reminding myself of everyday.

Torkers Dec 23, 17 3:56 AM

@ThePennySqueeze yeah - ITS so many thousand hours... was so good for a 3 week period - biggest loss 180 $ or something And made alot of money And then felling right

Torkers Dec 23, 17 3:56 AM

Back again . So frustrating

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