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FreddydaFish Mar 20, 17 12:39 AM

I've been using the OnDemand paper trading system on ThinkOrSwim and have been very successful with fills. The only time I noticed I have hard time getting filled is when I try to buy a large amount (for fun) with little volume, then it takes a minute.

FreddydaFish Mar 20, 17 12:40 AM

Or sometimes doesn't fill me at all. If that happens (rarely) if the stock hasn't move up that much, I will rewind the stock that 1 minute or so and attempt to get filled again, if it doesn't work the second time then I just replay another stock.

GreTa Mar 20, 17 4:13 AM

@bigman I've never had problems with their Paper Trading system, as they have real time data, you need to call them and ask for REAL TIME DATA, they're usually happy to oblige.

GreTa Mar 20, 17 4:17 AM

@FreddydaFish great tip indeed, when I'm on a loosing streak, I immediately force myself to paper for a while, and I've noticed improvement, it helps me hone in on my STRATEGIES, and helps me train my eyes to see CHART PATTERNS as they're forming.

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