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Doncematic Aug 16, 16 8:44 AM

@Pietrogaro Lol dude calm down please and read that I've tried to tell you that I'm not talking about investing. I'm talking about trading. You are talking about investing in bull markets, which is positive sum yes, I never denied that, and that's what investopedia is stating as well. The point I have been trying to make here and which you don't seem to get is that trading (NOT investing) is zero sum, especially considering the fact that everything will eventually come to an end

Doncematic Aug 16, 16 8:47 AM

and the point of this blog post, I need other people to lose in order for me to win, which is basic market principles in active trading. Let's keep this a healthy discussion, I respect your input and opinons, but please try to read what I'm specifcally stating before I make assumptions

Rollingball Aug 18, 16 10:07 PM

@Doncematic What happens when a company like $TSLA stock goes from 200.00 to 500.00 and is still climbing? What if everyone gains money because they all had long positions but some gained more than others?

Doncematic Aug 22, 16 4:38 AM

@Rollingball Sorry for the late reply, but here goes ;) You assume that it's a bull market, in which the stock trading game can indeed be a positive sum game, but if you think about the stock collapsing 2 years later in a bear market, then those people would lose it again. In my blogpost, I'm talking about actively day trading, not investing.

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