Could someone help me to set up. I have a TDAmeritrade account already. Is there a better recomendation? Also, what would be the best trading app for my phone?

jachyrah Sep 16, 20 11:21 PM

I prefer TDAmeritrade over Etrade personally. Interactive Brokers for accounts 25k-50k+ and for more share availibility for shorting. I am liking StockstoTrade for screening and watching charts. Don't like their broker integration much.

jsullivancent Mar 24, 21 12:18 AM

@jachyrah I'm new to the challenge and have been using STT for three weeks. I was about to do broker integration, what about it didn't you like?

jachyrah Apr 03, 21 10:20 PM

I'm still learning the software, and found out my pc was too old for all features to work properly. In the process of getting a new PC so hopefully Broker Integration will work for me then.

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HenryCraig Oct 29, 21 9:32 PM

You cannot cheat your way to success.... Nothing can replace time, effort and experience.

User_1610 May 18, 22 11:19 PM

Watching And Analyzing!

mitnick2 Jul 14, 22 10:08 PM

Awesome recap video lesson about going forward, pushing your studies and succeeding. Thanks @timothysykes

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